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Coolest Pink Teapot Cake

I made this Homemade Pink Teapot Cake for my girl’s 4th birthday party.

I used the Wilton Ball pan to bake the body of the teapot and decorated the cake with marshmallow fondant. The cake on the base was also decorated using fondant icing.

To get the effect of a lace type tablecloth on the base cake I rolled out the white fondant and placed a white paper doily over it and used a small brush to dab food colouring over the holes in the doily.

The teapot spout and handle are also made with the fondant icing but were made a day or so earlier so they could harden. I made them by rolling out and shaping the fondant and also inserting some toothpicks halfway into both the handle and spout to make attaching them to the body of the teapot easier.

The flower heads were also made from the fondant but the stems and leaves were made by piping buttercream. To get the subtle dual colour effect to the green I simply mixed up two batches in differing shades of green and placed both in the piping bag side by side.

My big girl and her party guests loved the cake and I am now looking forward to coming up with another cake for next year!

Homemade Pink Teapot Cake

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