Coolest Playing Card Cake

I made this Playing Card Cake for my grandmother and my father’s birthday. My grandmother loves to play cards. She and my father are the only two that have ever beaten my boyfriend and me at spades. I thought that a deck of cards would be an awesome cake for the two of them.

I made the Ace for my dad and the Queen was to represent my grandmother (she is the queen of my heart). The cake was a 2 layer carrot cake with home-made cream cheese icing (both of their favorites). Getting the queen to stand up was somewhat difficult because the cake was so rich and heavy, it kept falling over. I finally got it to stand by using two wooden dowels through a piece of cake board that the queen’s layer rested on.

It was really fun and easy to make. This cake was made in September and my grandmother still refuses to cut the Queen of Hearts!

Homemade Playing Card Cake

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