Coolest Playstation 3 Console Cake

My partner is a playstation freak so it made sense to make him a Playstation 3 Console Cake. I was originally going to make one of the hand controllers but as it was my first ever celebration cake I thought that I had better start out simple and work my way up the cake making difficulty ladder.

I got the cake recipe from a local shop that sells supplies and makes makes themselves. Huge recipe but great weight for one of these cakes. The crumb layer is dark chocolate ganache. I found it was a good trick to freeze the cake before cutting off all the unwanted edges and carving out the part where the disc goes into the console. I used chocolate fondant (store bought) to add the black gel colouring to as it makes it easier to go black black.

I used silver powder painted on by dipping paintbrush into vodka and then into the silver dust. I made a cardboard stencil for the playstation logo. I made the power plug and USB cords out of fondant and made them first before I did the rest of the cake so that they had time to harden. I didn’t add anything else to them as they didn’t need to stand up so didn’t need hardening anymore than it normally does.

I was quite chuffed with myself for my first cake.

Hope this inspires any beginners that you can do it!

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