Cool Homemade Polka Dot Birthday Cake

This Polka Dot Birthday Cake was a secondary cake I made in addition to making a teapot cake for my daughter’s second birthday. We had a lot of visitors so we needed lots of cake. I used white buttercream icing and the dots and bow are all fondant. I had a lot of fun decorating it.

This was my first time decorating a cake myself. I really had fun! The fondant was fun to work with. I used tissue to hold up the bow until it dried. I used biscuit cutters and baby bottles to get the different sized circles. The tiniest circle is from a bottle/medicine dispenser. The fondant was easy to make. I followed the marshmallow fondant recipe on allrecipes and used the “special buttercream” recipe submitted by Rick also on allrecipes.

I got rave reviews. The cake was white box cake mix by Pilsbury.

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