Coolest Polka Dot Cake

This Homemade Polka Dot Cake was made for my daughter’s 7 birthday. To my dismay, she wanted simple and sweet, not huge and fancy. I made a yellow cake and filled it with homemade buttercream. My mom taught me to make buttercream as a child and I still use her method: a stick of real butter, a bunch of powdered sugar, flavoring and enough milk to thin it down. I whip it up nicely in my stand mixer. Simple and delicious.

After I put a generous crumb coat on, I covered the cake in white fondant. I colored the rest of the fondant pink and cut out circles with a Wilton fondant cutter set. I put the letters on the dots before putting them on the cake. I messed up many letters, so those bad letters became the glue on the backs of the dots! I dotted the cake with fondant and piped a little bit of buttercream for contrast.

It was a hit!

Homemade Polka Dot Cake

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