Coolest Polkadot Cake

This is an awesome cake. I am so proud of this one. Looks like fondant doesn’t it? It’s not… I frosted the entire cake in plain white buttercream. I work really hard to smooth the butter cream completely.. it’s best to smooth as much as possible and let the frosting crust a bit before smoothing again.

The black polka dots are cut from fondant I rolled out really thin and I attached them to the butter cream by using clear vanilla and a small paint brush. The pink ribbon was done the same… it is fondant also. This homemade polkadot cake is a 10 inch round 2 tier. I was given an invitation from a friend for her daughter’s 9th birthday party.

The invitation was the white background with black polkadots and the writing was in hot pink. I LOVE THIS CAKE. I think it turned out really awesome and is one of my favorite cakes I’ve done so far.. for sure!! The cakes are both filled with pudding, the top layer was chocolate with chocolate pudding… and the bottom layer was yellow cake with vanilla pudding filling.

2 thoughts on “Coolest Polkadot Cake”

  1. i love this cake!! my daughter’s birthday is coming up and I’m planning to make the cake and this one is really nice and love the frosting idea.


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