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Coolest Poodle Birthday Cake

This Poodle Birthday Cake was made by my mum for my 21st birthday. For my birthday I had a Grease themed party so the poodle fittd right into the theme.

The cake was a plain vanilla cake with butter cream icing tinted pink. She used white mini marshmallows for the fur and normal marshmallows for the head and the tip of the tail. She also used licorice for the legs, tail and facial features.

She cooked two lots of cake in slab tins. Mum then used a pattern out of a Women’s Weekly cake book to cut the cakes once they were baked. All in all I think this cake took mum a couple of hours to put together. But I think it was definitely worth the time and effort that she put in. Everyone at my party loved it and I just adored it! It was the perfect cake for my party!

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  1. I’m going to celebrate my granddaughter’s birthday and we decided to decorated it with poodles and the colors are pink and hot pink black and white its very pretty. I found the decoration in Oriental Trading and it goes with the cake


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