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Coolest Possum Cake

I had a request for this Possum Cake as part of a theme for a funny family reunion. I put it in a box with a screen over top of it and it looked pretty convincing.

I used red velvet cake filled with cream cheese icing and decorator buttercream for fur. I used my airbrush to give it the two tone affect and gumpaste for teeth and tongue.

11 thoughts on “Coolest Possum Cake”

  1. That’s amazing. How did you get that to look so fuzzy? I get the airbrush, which really adds to the realism, but how on earth did you get that to look so furry with buttercream, you have to share. Absolutely awesome cake.

  2. I think this was probably about 4 layer, sheet pans, but of course the number of layers goes with how big you need the cake and how much filling. so really, the number of layers will vary. Thanks!!


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