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Cool Homemade Power Puff Girls Birthday Cake

I saw this Power Puff Girls Birthday Cake on one of Debbie Brown’s books although I made some amendments to give it a personalized touch and since my niece is a big fan of the Power Puff Girls, I decided to do it for her 4th Birthday.

Two days before making the cake I did the models of the Power Puff Girls with some modelling paste so that they will be ready when making the actual cake. They are not difficult to do but they are so tiny that you need a good dose of patience.

The cake is basically the bed on which the Power Puff Girls are on so all you have to do is bake a rectangular cake, slice it in 3 layers and fill with buttercream. Colour three pieces of sugarpaste in 3 different pastel colours and cover the cake with them in order to do the blanket.

I used a piece of pink modelling paste for the bed’s head board and stuck some pink sugarpaste hearts onto it. I made the pillows out of white sugarpaste and did all the bedroom accessories-carpets, slippers, toys and lampshades also with sugarpaste. I cut 2 cupcakes to form two round comodes and covered them with purple sugarpaste and put the 2 lampshades on them.

Last but not least I laid the Power Puff Girls on the bed. I think this cake is ideal for little girls because of its colours and the lovely characters.

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  1. How much would you charge to make this cake? My best friend is a huge PPG fan and I was thinking of getting a PPG cake for her birthday in September.


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