Coolest Princess and the Pea Cake

I made this Princess and the Pea cake for my daughter’s first birthday party, last year. I used a boxed cake mix and baked it in a 1″ cookie sheet pan. I cut the cake into rectangles to be the mattresses.

I used a can of whipped white frosting and separated in to six different little bowls. Made each bowl a different color. Each mattress was frosted with a different color and decorated with a tube of colored icing. I used two big marshmallows for the pillows and a green M&M for the pea. Topped it off with a Polly Pockets doll.

3 thoughts on “Coolest Princess and the Pea Cake”

  1. I love your cake! What a neat idea, and hopefully not too impossible to accomplish. I can’t wait to try this for my daughter’s birthday.

  2. That is my favorite fairy tale! I will soooo be making this for my daughters birthday! Thank you for reminding me of this story! :D


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