This Princess cake with Marshmallow Pops was my first attempt at a cake and I want to share it with the world because I am so proud! It was a lot of work but it was worth it to see the look on my daughter’s face. Most of all though, I think the kids loved the marshmallow pops the most.

First I made the marshmallow pops. I covered marshmallows in white and milk chocolate and dipped them in sprinkles. Then I put them in a ziplock and froze them. The next step was to start making the cake. I baked and froze all of the cakes. The bottom cake was a 2 layer-12 inch cake (chocolate with chocolate buttercream). The second layer was a 2 layer-8 inch cake (chocolate and chocolate buttercream). The top layer was a 2 layer 4 inch cake (marble with chocolate butter cream).

The day before the party was a flurry of icing and decorating and taking care of a four year old and an 11 month old. It was a long, exhausting day. My husband helped a bit with the icing of the cakes. He has a lot of experience with drywall mudding so he was great at getting it flat. He also cut the dowels for me.

Overall, everyone at the party was surprised that I made this cake. Some thought I ordered it and that is the reaction I was looking for. It all got eaten too!! Next up is a sesame street cake for my son in 2 weeks!