Coolest Princess Castle Birthday Cake

I made this cake for my niece’s 4th birthday. I wanted to make a castle cake with fondant icing for our little princess, and after searching the internet for inspiration I decided to design a simple one myself with a few towers. I knew at the age of 4 she wouldn’t be too fussy yet!

Two nights before her birthday, I made 2 layers of vanilla butter cake (madeira) and once cooled I put them in a large Tupperware container to keep them fresh. The next night I cut the tops of each cake with a serrated knife to make them level, and sandwiched them with pink buttercream frosting, before applying a layer of the frosting all over them.

I used a round cutter on the centre of each cut off to make 2 small round cakes, then I sandwiched these also with frosting. This gave me my 2 cake layers. I covered both layers with marshmallow fondant which I had dyed pink. Then I took mini jam Swiss rolls and gave them a layer of frosting and fondant to make towers for the castle. I used white fondant to hand carve hearts for windows and a drawbridge, then “stuck” these in place with frosting.

The tower roof I made by using the round cutter to cut out circles and cut them in half, then made them into cones. Again I used frosting to stick them to the tops of the towers.

Before transporting the homemade Princess castle birthday cake I put long wooden skewers through the middle of the towers (cut down to size so they wouldn’t be seen) to hold everything in place, then had fun dressing the cake up with the remaining pink frosting, decorative hearts and pink shimmer sprinkles. The flag was made using 3 pieces of edible paper. I threaded one piece through the skewer and stuck the other pieces on either side of it using frosting.

This was my first birthday cake and I really had fun making it!

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