Coolest Princess Castle Birthday Cake

Here I have a first attempt at a princess castle birthday cake. I am a mum of 3 and my oldest daughter was turning 5 and has really been into princess dolls this year, so wanted to make her a castle cake!

It took me a few weeks of researching ideas online and materials needed to create the perfect cake! I have seen some amazing talent going into some of these cakes and wanted to create the best version possible.

I had 4 different size pans. One square oven dish approx 8 inches, one round 7 inch, one round 6 inch and a big muffin cake tin at 3 inches for the top. I prepared (cooked) my 7 sponges 2 days before hand and then popped them in the fridge. The next evening I then started on filling the cake with vanilla butter cream and jam. Added pink coloring to my white ready to roll icing and covered my bottom cake. The icing did get really sticky but I kept rolling it into icing sugar. It did split on me a few times when trying to lift with rolling pin but just kept patching it up until was smooth. The wooden rolling pin I used worked fine. Following the same steps for each cake, I had finished stage 2! phew! :)

The 14 inch square cake board I ordered a week prior hadn’t arrived yet so had to continue without it and made do with my heavy wooden chopping board with a layer of baking paper, not the best look but made the best with what I had. I had wanted to do each cake on its own board with support sticks to prevent sinking but they also took longer than expected to arrive. It did start to sink on one side slightly so would recommend support on more than 2 tiers high.

I made a big batch of vanilla butter cream and dyed half of it light green. Into my piping bag it went and started creating vines around the cake walls and boarder around the edges to look almost like grass. Added some flowers to the end of the vines. Brought ice cream wafer cups and cones for the towers. Melted white cooking chocolate onto them and when dried, sprayed it with edible silver spray. I filled the cups with a little left over spare sponge that had broken in half when tried to remove previously, crumbled and mixed with butter cream to create a dough like consistency.

I used cocktail sticks to hold cups together and to push into the corners of the cake. Edged the joins with green butter cream, added vines and flowers. My doors/windows were rich tea fingers with a pink butter cream boarder.

To finish off, I added little flags to each tower with cocktail sticks. My daughter loved it! Turned out really well!

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