Coolest Quilled Fondant Flower Cake

I had never tried fondant (or paper) quilling before but had started to see some on-line pictures popping up using quilled fondant. I decided to give this Homemade Quilled Fondant Flower Cake a go when I was asked to make the birthday cake for a lovely lady who runs our local community playgroup.

I used marshmallow fondant and some store bought sugar gum glue. The fondant was coloured using powder and gel colours to achieve the really vibrant true colour. I rolled the fondant out very thin and then cut even width strips and rolled, glued and shaped the strips to form flowers, petals, butterflies and circles. The stems were made using fondant rolled out to very skinny rolls and ‘glued’ to the cake top.

The quilling technique really isn’t very hard to do or copy by just looking through some photos to get an idea of how to shape the strips. It is a little time consuming but I think the finished impact is worth the time. I will definitely be trying my hand at fondant quilling again!

Homemade Quilled Fondant Flower Cake

Homemade Quilled Fondant Flower Cake

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