This Butterfly garden cake was created for a sweet girl that loves bright bold colors. Her main request was bright fun flowers.

The cakes were made in flavors of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry so that everyone would have a choice once it was cut. The cake is covered in butter cream, not fondant and all the flowers are butter cream simply piped with a #12 tip for the petals and #3 for the stems and a #233 tip for the blades of grass border to create the garden.  Then a crown was placed on the cake for the birthday girl to remove and wear during her special day.

The best part was creating the butterflies for the garden. This was done using a color flow technique I have just recently learned and love. It is similar to royal icing in the way it is made, but biggest difference is when it dries it is more of a glossy finish where royal icing is more of a matte finish. Once you color your icing you put some aside and thin it. Using wax paper tapped over the image you are creating, you basically outline the image in the full strength to create the edge and then pipe in the thinned icing to fill it in. These came out beautifully and when the butterflies were placed on the cake it made you feel like you could smell the pretty flowers.

This is a fun technique and can be used with either royal icing or the color flow icing. If you are looking for a cool way to add dimension to your cakes you should look into learning this technique.