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Simple Homemade Race Car Track Cake

My son was very into Cars the movie around his 3rd birthday so I ran with that theme and created this Homemade Race Car Track Cake. I started off with 2 different boxes of cake mix. I made one rectangular sheet cake with one box and 2- 9″ round cake from the other box, but only used one of the round cakes (we snacked on it in anticipation of eating this yummy decorated cake!). I set this cake up on a big Rubbermaid container’s lid covered in foil. I put the rectangular cake lengthwise on the middle of my cake plate, and one half of a 9″ round on each end to make a long oval.

I tinted buttercream frosting green and piped it in like grass with a grass tip, and used chocolate frosting for the track, covered in black sugar crystals to look like pavement. I piped in white gel icing for lines on the pavement. The bumper on the inside of the track were mini marshmallows (which were a HUGE hit with the kids). I made the flags with paper I drew on and toothpicks.

The #3 and star candles were store bought from PartyCity. I bought little Hotwheels cars and put numbers on them to correspond with the ages of the boys who would be gobbling up my masterpiece, and of course #3 was the winner! Each boy got to take their car home, so it served as a little party favor too! One thing that was neat about this cake was that party guests got a big selection in what kind of cake they wanted because of the 2 different flavor cake mixes and 2 different flavors of icing on each cake.

Good luck, this was really fun to make!

Homemade Race Car Track Cake

Homemade Race Car Track Cake

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