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Coolest Rainbow Birthday Cake

When my daughter turned 2 years old, I wanted to show her what a little rainbow she was in our lives! We planned a Rainbow Birthday Party, with a six layer Rainbow Birthday Cake at the center.

Since I enjoy decorating cakes more than baking them from scratch, I made the cake out of 3 boxes of white cake mix. I separated each box mix in half, and added different rainbow food dye colors to each part. It took awhile to mix and bake all those different colored cakes, so I split up the task over a week- freezing each layer as it finished.

I frosted the cake on the day before the party, using one whole can of whipped frosting in between layers! After applying a thin crumb coat on the top and outside, and refrigerating for 30 min, I used another can of whipped frosting to finish the outside of the cake.

The final touch was adding rainbow stripes with Rainbow Twizzlers around the cake! One bag of Rainbow Twizzlers has four of each color, which was perfect. This cake was simple, colorful, and delicious! Perfect for celebrating our little rainbow girl.

I also made Rainbow Rice Krispies, Rainbow Jello, Rainbow Treats, Rainbow Foods, Rainbow Drinks, Rainbow Utensil Sets, and even Rainbow Party Stations!

Homemade Rainbow Birthday Cake

Homemade Rainbow Birthday Cake

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