Coolest Rainbow Cake with Pot of Gold Birthday Cake

My daughter turned 3 in September and since about May she has talked about rainbows non-stop so we thought that would make a great idea for a birthday cake. We looked at lots of pictures on the Internet but in the end did our own Rainbow Cake with Pot of Gold Birthday Cake using a few ideas from other people.

We wanted it to be laying flat so we used a large baking tin (rather than a cake tin) to make the cake and in this tin we used 2 packet mixes. We also used a smaller cake tin with one packet mix to cut the pot of gold out. We chose to use butter cake mixes so that the icing would go over the top easier.

I made the shapes of the rainbow shape, cloud and pot of gold on the computer and printed them out to act as stencils. I pinned these to the cakes and cut them out. I recommend suing a bread knife to cut the cakes as it is sharper and easier to use. We used a basic butter icing mixture to ice them. We chose blue for the cloud because butter icing doesn’t stay white! We piped some more blue icing on the cloud to make it look more effective and used chocolate gold coins for the pot of gold.

The edging on the pot of gold is a tube of black decorative icing. Two bags of Smarties were sorted out to create the colours for the rainbow. We were lucky that there were more red, yellow and pink smarties as they were the ones we needed most!

We presented the rainbow on a silver cake board. It wasn’t REALLY easy to make but it definitely wasn’t too hard either. Our daughter LOVED it as did everyone at the party and it was an easy cake to slice too!