Coolest Ranch Bottle Cake

My son loves Ranch with almost every food. We decided for his birthday I would attempt to make him a ranch bottle birthday cake. I just took a regular 9 x 13 cake pan and a cake mix and baked according to box directions.

After it had finished cooling, I frosted it completely with white frosting. Some of the cake crumbs came through with the frosting and I thought it gave it a spices look to the ranch bottle so I left them in there.

Next I drew an outline of the bottle in the white frosting with a toothpick. I drew it free hand and then gradually filled the rest in by looking at an actual Hidden Valley Ranch bottle. To save time with the colors of frosting, I made up a light color of green and a light color of blue first and then added a little more food coloring to make the darker colors.

I used a Wilton bag and tips to do all the words and outlines and just a toothpick to do the sun rays and mix up the greenery in the background.

My son loved it and it was a hit to all who shared in our day, so if your child loves Ranch dressing as much as mine, this cake may be the coolest cake for you!!!

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