Coolest Rocket Birthday Cake

I made this rocket birthday cake for my son Dexter’s fourth birthday. I made two cakes using the Wilton football cake pan (one cake mix per cake). Using a toothpick I sketched an outline of the top layer of rocket. I cut out a rough shape of the top layer of rocket out of one football cake.

I then stacked the two cakes (with a layer of frosting in between) and continued carving until I was satisfied with the shape. The bottom layer I basically left as is, but the top layer required a bit of carving. For the rocket thrusters I made rice krispie treats and shaped them into cylinders.

I covered the cake with frosting and then covered it with fondant. I purchased Wilton ready to use fondant and had to add a lot of no taste red gel to get the red I wanted. It was the first time I had used fondant and it was easier to work with than I had expected. I kept out a small amount of the fondant to which I later added blue and used for the windshield. The rice krispie treats I also covered with icing and then fondant.

I cut triangular shapes out of graham crackers and cover them with frosting and then fondant to put on top of the rocket thrusters. For the thing on top I covered a small sucker with fondant and and pushed the stick down into the cake. I cut off the ends of two yellow gumdrops for the lights. I finished the cake off by piping on some lines and dots around the base and on the top.

I checked out many of the pictures and descriptions on this website and found them very useful when planning the cake.

3 thoughts on “Coolest Rocket Birthday Cake”

  1. Your imagination is awesome! If I get the courage to do this project myself, I will definitely take inspiration from your ideas! Thanks!

  2. My little boy is turning 3 on April 10, and he loves Little Einsteins. So I was looking for ideas, and came upon yours, and love it! Hope you don’t mind buy I think I’ll borrow your idea. IT looks so fun!!! Thanks for sharing how you created it.


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