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Coolest Rubber Duckie Cake

I made a three layer 10″ round cake and frosted it with blue buttercream. I made the duck using the Wilton 3D duck pan. I frosted that with yellow buttercream using the star tip. I covered the beak in orange marshmallow fondant, which everyone thought was plastic, and used mini blue m&m’s for the eyes.

I used white fondant rolled into balls for the bubbles and used Wilton shimmer dust mixed with vanilla extract for the shiny affect on the bubbles. I also took a dowel rod and placed it through the cake to support it while it was being transported to the shower. It was very easy to push straight into the cake and put a dab of frosting over the hole.

This Rubber Ducky cake was pretty simple to make and a big hit at the baby shower. The hardest part of the whole cake was having to cut it. We decided to have the mom-to-be close her eyes and we cut the head off and brought it to her on a plate. We snapped a picture as she opened her eyes, it was definitely a look to remember!

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