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Coolest Rub-a-Dub-Dub Baby Shower Cake

Rub-a-dub-dub, a new  baby boy to love was the theme of this baby shower cake I made for a fellow Special Education Aide at school. All decorative pieces of the cake were made from fondant (duckie, bubbles, soap bar, towel, shampoo bottle, comb and even the faucets)! Sheen on bubbles was achieved with pearl luster painted on multi colored blue and white fondant balls. The faucets with silver luster.

The cake was a two layer 10 inch oval cake. I hollowed out the top piece of the second layer  prior to frosting  to form the bathtub. I used butter cream frosting smoothed for the bathtub and store bought frosting tinted blue for the water. I used store bought because it is a little “loser” and gave more of consistency of water. I then completed the cake by arranging all the decorations with the “soap bubbles” flowing down the side and back of the tub. At the shower I was asked to cut the cake. I almost cried when I cut the first piece! It was like building a skyscraper and taking a demolition ball to it after completion. I vowed from then on never to cut one of my cakes again!


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