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Coolest Rugby Cake

This Rugby Cake I made for my nephew Blake, he turned 10 and is a rugby fan, particular the South African Sharks team, thus I made a Sharks cake.

It was just a basic sponge cake recipe. I used a rugby ball character pan single mixture. I then iced the cake white (since the Sharks team is black and white, wanted to stick to these colours). The detailed stitching of the ball was done in black icing. The character on the cake I made to look like my nephew with the blond hair which I cut out with a star cutter. Character was made out of plastic icing. Rolled out each limb separately and where necessary held together with toothpicks.

Thought I would add some green to bring some colour in, thus the grass I used the green.

I love to decorate cakes and look for ideas from this site on the internet, where I have picked up many and most of my ideas.

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