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Coolest Sea Lovers Sea Turtle Cake

The idea for this turtle cake came from a friend’s daughter.  The cake was a surprise for her mom.  When she told me to make a sea turtle but it needed to look realistic not cartoonish, I was a little worried.  I am new at this and have never taken lessons but I watch videos on the internet to get information.

The first thing I did was look to see what sea turtles looked like.  There are so many types I just picked one I thought would be the easiest to copy.  I decided to make the legs, arms, shell, and head out of fondant.  For the body I use a stainless steel bowl.  I only used one box cake mix.  I sculpted the legs, arms and head.  I filled and frosted the cake and placed it on a cake board.  Then I rolled out my fondant about 2 inches larger than the cake.  I tucked under about 1 inch around and pinched the edge all the way around using my thumb to create a crease on the edge.  I tucked the legs , arms and head under the fondant and sprayed them a light brown.  I used a dark brown to paint on the spots.  For the shell I painted that with various greens and browns and then a light spray of avocado green over all over it.  Detailed the shell with a little gold for the lines.

I was so happy to hear they all were excited and enjoyed the cake.  My friend’s mother in law told her not to cut it but to put it in the freezer so she could take it out and look at it whenever she wanted.  I guess they were happy with the cake.

The cake took me about 5 hours to finish.  Sometimes you just have to go for it.








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