Coolest Sean’s Sonic Cake

My son has been into Sonic the hedgehog for the past 4 years and now I decided to surprise him with this coolest sonic birthday cake. It’s a chocolate mud cake covered with frosting then sugar paste. I made a cut out of Sonic the hedgehog which I used as an outline to make the sugar paste figure. I rolled out the sugar paste really thick so I could have a raised 2D figure. The whole of the Sonic figure is made from coloured sugar paste and the different coloured sugar pastes e.g. the white for the eyes, the peach for the mouth area, tummy and arm, the white for the hands are pasted on the Sonic figure as decoupage.

I finished off the Sonic figure by glazing it so it could look shiny. The rings are made with sugar paste and coloured in gold paint. He really liked it and couldn’t stop showing off to friends.

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