Coolest Sewing Basket Cake

I made this sewing basket cake for my Grandmother (Meme)’s 80th Birthday. She has always had a love for sewing and she has a secret love for mice!

The base of the cake is 3 layers of 9×9 inch square pans stacked together and basket weaved with Chocolate frosting. The remaining parts of the cake are all fondant. With the exception of the knitting needles and the foil on the mirror, the entire cake is edible. All of the pieces are created from a cross stitch piece that she created.

I used the colors and the ideas from real life sewing pieces. The DMC floss was made with fondant using the pasta maker from my Kitchen Aide! The base of the cake is covered with peach fondant and I drew and cut out the pieces of “pattern” to make it look like the mice were hard at work making their clothes.

The border of the base is covered with adhesive measuring tape purchased at WalMart. The mice were hand made by my wonderful husband! He did a great job. All of the fondant pieces were created 4-6 days before the actual day of making the cake so that they could air dry and were easier to handle. The base is 3 20 inch round cake boards taped together for strength.

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