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Coolest Shimmering Stars Birthday Cake

I made this Shimmering Stars Birthday Cake for my mom’s 50th birthday party. I knew she would not want a typical over the hill cake but still wanted to use the color black. So I used black, purple( her favorite color) and silver. I frosted 6 tiered layers with buttercream. Then I made black, white and purple fondant sheets.

I bought a multi sized star stencil cut out stars in each size and in each color. I also made a few stars extra thick for the cake topper. I inserted lollipop sticks in my thick stars toppers and decided where to place the rest of the stars. After I had my pattern picked, I removed the stars being sure to keep the ones I need bent, in their proper position by draping them over the edges of an oven safe dish. I then used my oven’s warmer drawer to speed up the dry time. Then I painted the white stars in a shimmering silver edible powder mixed with water and dusted all the others in clear shimmering dust.

I sprinkled the cake with purple crystal glitter and positioned my stars and topper! Also because this was a surprise party I wanted my mom to have a keepsake. I bought a memory frame and included some of her candles, napkins, and the doodle I drew of her cake while planning the design. I had my own “keepsake” which was purple and black dyed fingers for about a week afterwards. Next time I’ll use gloves!

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