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Coolest Stars Cake

This is what you will need to make this Stars Cake:

2x8in sponge, 2x12in sponge, (obviously you can go smaller)

15in cake board,

thin 6in cake board,

750g pink ready made icing, (or another colour of your choice)

1.5kg of white ready made icing,

voilet colour paste,

irridescent powder,

pink and purple edible glitter,

set of star shape cutters,

small paint brush,

large powder brush,

large icing rolling pin,

sharp knife,

icing paddle,

palette knife,

cake support beading,

ready made star topper (from eBay or any sugarcraft shop)

I started off making 2x12inch sponges and 2x8inch sponges, (this cake was to feed a lot of people) then I froze them, I find it easier to work with a sponge once its been frozen and defrosted, for some reason they don’t crumble as much.

For the icing I used ready made sugarpaste icing in pink, 3x250g packs for the top layer and 1.5kg of white for the bottom layer. To get the bottom layer purple I used a violet colour paste and just mixed a little at a time with the white till I got the kind of purple I wanted. Make sure when you do this that you have a little dry icing sugar handy to stop the icing going sticky and plenty of time to knead it well so the colour mixes evenly.

I then trimmed the sponges so they were all straight edged and fit together properly, and filled then covered with jam. I then sat the 12in sponge on an upturned plate (just smaller than the cake itself).

Once the cakes were prepared I rolled out the purple icing so it was large enough to cover the cake. I then carefully lifted the icing over the cake using the rolling pin to support the icing, using the icing paddle I smoothed the icing out until it was flat all over. The purpose of putting the cake on the upturned plate means you can carefully smooth the icing under the edge of the cake ensuring a smooth edge. Once I was happy with the finish, I brushed over a very light dusting of irridesent powder.

I then cut the support beading to the same height as the finished base cake, cutting into 4 pieces in total and pushed them carefully into the cake making sure they were toward the center to support the upper level without being seen.

Then I placed the 6inch cake board on an upturned plate and put the 8in sponge on top. I then iced it in the same way as the bottom layer. When it was done I carefully placed the cake onto the base layer making sure it was center and the support beading was positioned correctly.

Using the left over pink and purple icing I rolled them out and one at a time I brushed them with a little water to make them slightly sticky and lightly dusted them with the pink and purple glitter. I then let the layers dry until almost set then using the star shape cutters I cut out lots of different size stars.

Using the pallette knife I carefully lifted the icing stars and using the small paint brush and some water I stuck them to the cake making the design up as I went along.

Once I was happy with the stars I left the cake to dry out a little before adding the star topper.

5 thoughts on “Coolest Stars Cake”

  1. Can’t wait to have a go at a similar design to this. Thank you for the great description at each part of the process. Looks fantastic – Well done.

  2. your cake is beautiful and you make it sound so simple that I’m feeling brave enough to give it a go!can you just explain to me a little bit more about support beading…what is it and how do i do it? many thanks.


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