Coolest Shimmering Stars Birthday Cake

Homemade Shimmering Stars Birthday Cake

I made this Shimmering Stars Birthday Cake for my mom’s 50th birthday party. I knew she would not want a typical over the hill cake but still wanted to use the color black. So I used black, purple( her favorite color) and silver. I frosted 6 tiered layers with buttercream. Then I made black, white … Read more

Coolest Homemade Star Cake

Homemade Star Cake

This Homemade Star Cake was made for a customer’s girlfriend. I used the Wilton star pan and trimmed it back a little because the points needed to be longer. Each point is starred with buttercream, and the black lines are buttercream as well. All of the pictures and the OES are hand sculpted fondant that … Read more

Coolest Princess Stars Cake

Homemade Princess Stars Cake

I made this Princess Stars Cake for my twin daughters’ birthday party with the family. The theme is 4th of July ‘Princess’ because their birthday is the 6th. This is my first two tiered cake and my first try with MMF. I had a really hard time with the fondant after I let it cool … Read more

Coolest Star Prince Birthday Cake

Homemade Star Prince Birthday Cake

This is a Star Prince Birthday Cake I made for a friend of mines baby’s 1st birthday. It was copied from a paper plate he gave me as the theme of the party. The cake itself was marble. I made it by mixing chocolate and vanilla cake mix together and pulling a knife though it … Read more

Coolest Stars Birthday Cake

Homemade Stars Birthday Cake

This Stars Birthday Cake was my first attempt at fondant and I made it for my son’s first birthday. I used 2 boxes white cake mix and 2 round 8 in pans. I dyed one layer blue and one layer green. I coated them in Wilton’s buttercream icing and using Wiltons fondant. I tried making … Read more

Coolest Stars Cake

Homemade Stars Cake

This is what you will need to make this Stars Cake: 2x8in sponge, 2x12in sponge, (obviously you can go smaller) 15in cake board, thin 6in cake board, 750g pink ready made icing, (or another colour of your choice) 1.5kg of white ready made icing, voilet colour paste, irridescent powder, pink and purple edible glitter, set … Read more

Coolest Star Birthday Cake

Homemade  Star Birthday Cake

My cousin’s wife was having a black and white themed 40th. The bottom layer of the Homemade Star Birthday Cake is a lemon Madeira cake with lemon curd filling. The top is a vanilla and jam. I used white sugar paste to cover over a layer of butter cream. I used black sugarpaste for the … Read more

Coolest Birthday Stars Cake

Homemade Birthday Stars Cake

This Birthday Stars Cake was my second time using fondant and the first time doing a stacked cake. It was pretty easy. First I made 3 different sized rounds. I cut each one in half and filled with cherry filling. Crumb coated and then rolled out the fondant. I rolled it up on the pin … Read more

Coolest Stars Cake

Homemade Stars Cake

For the inside of the stars cake, I used a white cake box, replaced the oil with melted butter and added 1 box of white chocolate pudding and 1 cup of sour cream. Then I separated the batter so I can change the colors. So the inside of the cake was rainbow and the consistency … Read more

Cool Homemade Star Birthday Cake

Homemade Star Birthday Cake

I made this Star Birthday Cake for my partner’s mum. I found a cake on here a bit like it and just changed it slightly. I used a 7 and 9in cake tin and brought the fondant from a cake shop in Lincoln. The cake its self is a Victoria sponge mix. l made 1lb … Read more

Coolest Black and White Star Birthday Cake

Homemade Black and White Star Birthday Cake

I made this Black and White Star Birthday Cake by using a basic sponge recipe, 6 eggs, and 375g self-raising flour, caster sugar and margarine and 185g plain flour. The mixture was then divided between two 5” and two 7” square cake tins. I began by trimming the crust from the cakes and leveling them … Read more

Coolest Star Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Star Birthday Cake Design

The Star Birthday Cake Design was a white chocolate mudcake. I got the recipe from I used 6 and 9 inch pans. Each cake was divided in the three and that layers brushed with a syrup made from apricot jam, water and a dash of Cointreau. I then used a dark chocolate ganache between … Read more