Cool Homemade Shoe Cake

Our daughter loved putting on every pair of shoes she could find, so for her second birthday, I made a homemade shoe cake!

I didn’t have the time to make the cake, so I bought a chocolate sponge slab from the bakery section at the local supermarket and using my own sneakers as a model, set about cutting up the slab into the form of a pair of sneakers. The icing was normal butter icing, which was hard to apply as the sponge was pretty crumbly. A knife dipped in hot water helped smooth it out and the icing did not stick to the knife.

The outlines were strap licorice that I sliced into strips. The hole for your foot was made with cut up strap licorice. The red stripes and ‘E’ was raspberry licorice rolls.

At the party, we only got through about half of one shoe, so had a whole shoe to eat in the coming days! Whenever someone mentioned cake or birthday for about 6 months after, she would say “Daddy make shoe cake!” I think she liked it…

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