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Awesome Ginormous Indominus Rex Cake for my Son

My son requested an Indominus Rex cake from Jurassic World for his 8th Birthday. So I looked online and could hardly find anything. But there were many online videos on the making of 3D cakes.

So I got my husband to make a structure for a standing 3D dinosaur that he made out of timber off cuts. I covered the structure with aluminum foil and then made the head, legs, tail and arms using rice crispy treats. Then covered it with fondant and made imprints on it to look like scaly dinosaur skin. We used edible spray in silver to give the dinosaur the Indominus Look.

The teeth of the dino was carved from chocolate by my husband. The mid section was made out of chocolate mud cake and banana cake.

Indominus Rex Cake Reactions

I’m very proud of the end product and the guests were absolutely amazed by the standing cake. Some thought it was just a center piece for the party and only realized it was the cake when we popped candles into the dino’s back. :-)

Indominus Rex Cake Indominus Rex Cake