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Coolest Slumber Birthday Cake Idea

I made this Slumber Birthday Cake Idea for my daughter’s birthday, she was turning 11 and kept saying she wanted a sleepover so this cake was inspired from that. I made a yellow cake in 9in round pans. Once it was cool I made my special cream cheese frosting and I filled the cake and frosted it with that. I used marshmallows for the pillows (I used the large ones cut in half and molded to the right shape).

For the head I used mini Nilla wafers and I drew the faces and hair with black decorator’s gel. It was so easy. Then I used large marshmallows again for the body I cut them in half with the flat side down then for the blanket I used air heads candy I put it in the microwave for a few seconds just to get soft not mushy. I dusted my workspace with powdered sugar and using my rolling pin I rolled it into the shape of a blanket then I placed it over the marshmallows and viola 5 perfect little sleeping girls.

My daughter absolutely loved it.

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