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Coolest Snowman Birthday Cake

This snowman birthday cake was for a little girl who wanted a snowman cake. However she wanted a chocolate flavor and her mom wanted a vanilla one. To please both of them I mixed a vanilla one first and then a chocolate one. I poured the vanilla one in the 9×13 pan and then I poured the chocolate one in next. I wanted to keep the white and chocolate apart as much as possible so I tipped the pan up and poured the chocolate in quickly. It was white on one end …chocolate on the other and marble in the middle ( where the mixes had run together.)

After it was baked and cooled I used a picture that I had taken of a site and outlined the snowman on parchment paper and put it in the freezer while I was getting everything else ready. I then frosted the top of the cake in green icing and proceeded to put the outline on the cake. I then used a size 16 tip to fill in all the colors. My only problem was that I had outlined the cake in black and then I decided that a black outline didn’t look so good on a snowman so I just did an extra round of icing to cover in the black and it looked pretty good. The little girl liked it and that’s all that matters when I do a cake for someone.

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