Coolest Snowmobile Birthday Cake

I made this Snowmobile Birthday Cake for my 10 year old son. I used a half sheet cake pan, used vanilla frosting to frost the entire cake. I would recommend to get WHITE not vanilla because vanilla frosting has a tanish color tint, it’s more of an off white color. I used 2 Swiss cake rolls to make the mound of snow that the snowmobile is on and piped vanilla frosting around it.

I used blue spray coloring for the “stream”. I would suggest using the blue colored gel instead because the spray didn’t coat the cake like I wanted it to. I also sprayed a little tint to the sides of the cake with the blue coloring spray. I used vanilla frosting tinted blue to pipe the shell border along the sides and bottom of the cake. I bought the snowmobile, trees and sign from the Great American store. I also used a tiny bit of vanilla frosting to dab onto the trees just to make the “snowy” look.

I got the idea for the cake from a book that I found in a store and had a lot of fun doing it and my son loved it.

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