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Coolest Soccer For Ten Birthday Cake

I made this for my very young brother-in-law’s 10th birthday, he is a HUGE soccer fan and asked if I could make one for him, so I took on the challenge.

The Sponge

I made the  whole cake from scratch, not store bought cake mix, just flour cocoa powder and lots of love, I made a chocolate fudge sponge which does not have a chocolate overload of cocoa flavor as his sister is not a fan of chocolate, everyone who I have made this sponge for was pleased with the flavor. I had to make a double batch as the cake tin I had was a little on the larger size, once I baked it, it was almost perfect to rise evenly except a little in the middle as most cakes do and I had to trim that off to make my flat soccer field.

Fluff the Butter cream

But the butter cream was a first for me which I went out on a limb and tried a Marshmallow fluff butter cream, it was a simple mix but I had never tasted Marshmallow fluff before and was hoping to use that instead of melted down Marshmallow’s, which ended up to taste really AMAZING! Once I iced the whole cake I added sprinkles all around the edge of the cake, it was the most challenging and messiest part of the cake but worth every sprinkle in the end.

Can you do mine?

When everyone saw the cake they were amazed on how well it turned out, someone even asked where did you buy it from, I chuckled and said I made it, their jaw dropped and asked when can you do mine?

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