Coolest Sonic the Hedgehog Cake

This Homemade Sonic the Hedgehog Cake was inspired by my nephew who loves Sonic. As you know, there are no Sonic pans to rent, much less any merchandise to decorate a sheet cake. So, this little boy lucked out and got a custom cake that took about 8 hours to decorate (not including the bake time or icing coloring time).

Not the best photo, but the cake turned out really well. This picture doesn’t show his nose, but rest assured we put it on right after the picture was taken. The cake was made out of 2 9″ cake pans. One is the main part of the face, and the other cake I cut on angles to make the hair and right ear. Frosted with star tip (hint to the amateurs out there: stars not done well will show the underlying color).

I crumb coated in the same color I will pipe the stars in so that the bottom color doesn’t show. I made the mistake of not icing the sides of the hair spikes first. Definitely will do that next time.

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