Coolest Sonic the Hedgehog Cake

This Sonic the Hedgehog Cake is my second attempt at making a birthday cake and it was really quite easy. I learned a lot about carving cakes from making this. I made 3 cakes the night before and put them in the fridge overnight, this made them less crumby for carving. I searched the internet looking for the perfect sonic cake and found one that I and my son would have really liked and this is a sort of copy – I suppose. There was a lot of cake waistage due to shaping.

I carved out the shape, and covered in a crumb coat, then I smothered in strawberry jam. It was then simple from there on, I just covered in coloured regal icing. Atlantic blue for the body, white mixed with some red to make pink for the tummy, arms and the mouth and white for the gloves and eyes.

Don’t forget the red boots with white trim. The arms and hands were make from regal icing and there you go – Sonic the hedgehog.

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