Coolest Spa Birthday Cake

A friend of mine asked me to make her daughter a cake for her birthday party. Here is my homemade Spa cake!

I made a basic sheet cake and frosted it with white butter cream. I edged it with pink and sprinkled pink, edible glitter over the top. Then I made a 9″ round cake and trimmed it with a sharp knife to make the face.

I’ve seen cakes similar to this done with fondant, but I’m not keen on the flavor of fondant so I decided to try to do the same thing with butter cream. When you carve a cake, you are supposed to use a dense cake so that it holds the shape, but I like my cakes to be moist. My friend provided the cake mix, which was for a very tender cake. To stop the chocolate crumbs making the cake look horrible, I spread a thin layer of white frosting all over the cake and then put it in the fridge for an hour.

I mixed ivory and peach food coloring together to get the skin tone I wanted, and then covered the entire head with frosting. To get it smooth, I dipped a spatula in hot water and smoothed it over the cake. I built the nose up from a blob of frosting and again smoothed it with the spatula. I made the lips out of a small piece of fondant and painted it with some pink food coloring, diluted with water.

The cucumbers are two circles of fondant that I allowed to dry over night and then painted the edges with green food color. I then diluted a little of the green color, so that it was very thin. and washed it over the disc with a paintbrush.

The towel was two strips of fondant rolled thin and draped over her head.

I think it came out pretty well!

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