Coolest Spa Girl Cake

I began this Spa Girl Cake by making 2- 9 inch round cakes. I layered them and iced with buttercream. I used store bought fondant, and colored it with Wilton’s violet paste. Then, I rolled the fondant and applied it to the cake.

I made the face out of a Styrofoam egg shape that I cut in half. I covered the Styrofoam with Crisco and then saran wrap. Then, I iced the saran wrap with buttercream. I applied fondant to the face and used fondant for the head wrap.

To color the face flesh color, I used clear corn syrup and a little vodka with a DAB of Wilton’s copper paste color. I brushed it on the fondant. Then, for the face mask, I used buttercream and green food coloring. The lips and nose are sculpted from fondant and the lips are colored with red gel icing and red sprinkles.

I used real cucumbers for the eyes and held them in with toothpicks and a little icing on the bottom. The bubbles are just fondant and white sprinkles. Thanks for looking!

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  1. Wow this cake looks awesome. I love the color purple I think I’m going to make it for my 10th BIRTHDAY thats coming up!


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