Coolest Spa And Glamour Cake

This spa and glamour cake was for a 13 year old’s birthday party and we were having a theme called ‘spa fabu’ – short for spa fabulous. I found the spa cake on this website and decided to make a few modifications.

I made a three layer cake (dark chocolate layers with whipped topping between layers). We covered the three layer cake in white buttercream frosting and then laid the spa girl’s face on the cake. We made the spa face using a craft mask from Hobby Lobby and premade fondant.

The skin, towel, and cucumbers were all made from fondant. The cucumbers were made from fondant using light green, dark green and white for the seeds (that was the 13 ears old’s idea). We painted on the eye brows and lipstick using food coloring gel. The facial creme was buttercream frosting with a little bit of green food coloring added.

We also made homemade bon-bons that sat on plates next to the cake, so that the girls could munch on bon-bons while they relaxed with their frosting facials.

First time working with fondant and I will definitely do it again. Super easy cake, super fun party.

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