Awesome Homemade Spa Birthday Cake

I made this Spa Birthday Cake for my daughter´s 8th birthday – Spa Party in Costa Rica.

I made the face with a mask mold. I cooked a vanilla cake and crumbed it – mix it with frosting (like making cake pops) but instead I filled the mask, previously wrapped with clinging plastic wrap, and press it firmly. Then freeze it. I made it ahead on time (a week), so I can prepare the other part of the cake – remember to wrap the entire cake very well before freezing.

Next I molded the nail polish, lipstick, cucumbers, eye shadows, bow and nail file with gum paste, so it will harden well. I used 3 rectangular cakes for the base, 2 chocolate and a vanilla and also froze it ahead of time.

Two days before the party I made the fondant, but not regular one because I don´t like the taste. I used a recipe with condensed milk, powder milk, confectioners sugar, egg whites and gelatin – ITS DELICIOUS, you just want to eat it alone.

For the filling of the cake I used milk candy (that is cooked condensed milk) and for the frosting white chocolate ganache. I made a quilted pattern and attached some sugar pearls using clear gel.

I cut a cardboard base for the face, so it won´t destroy the quilted pattern, and attached some poles inside the cake, below it to support it. Also I used red gel for the spilled nail polish, so it would look wet.

Everyone was amazed with the cake and I enjoyed baking it. My daughter was delighted with the result.

Homemade Spa Birthday Cake

Homemade Spa Birthday Cake

Homemade Spa Birthday Cake

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  1. Why would it look creepy????? Its a face of someone having a Spa day treatment with cucumbers in her eyes and a towel in her head….

    Also the spilled nailpolish looks great.

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