Coolest Nail Polish Cake

This Nail Polish Cake was made for a lady that loves to polish her nails! Each guest was given a gift of polish to take home. Her name is Kathy, so I played with OPI’s polish names.

The cake was made using two mixing bowls, a 9 inch cake pan and a 16 oz can (Lucks Beans). I made a wooden base and screwed in a 3/4 inch dowel to support the cake’s layers.

After cooling I removed the end off of a turkey baster to make a hole in the center of each layer. Starting with the first of the two mixing bowl cakes (flat side up) I placed over the dowel and iced. I then placed the 9 inch cake layer, icing it’s topside. I placed the final mixing bowl layer upside down. This made the polish bottle.

I iced the entire bottle portion red and smooth. Placing the can layer next, I iced with black and ran a fork up the sides for texture. Then I simply placed my lettering on the cake and added a lace trim.

I also made two sugar cookies in the fashion of nail files.

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