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Awesome Homemade Space Shuttle Cake

I made this Space Shuttle Cake for my son who turned 6 years old. The big cake, which is the space, is made out of a brownie cake (homemade of course), filled with Dulce de Leche (is like Caramel, but taste way better, it’s an original dessert from Argentina), strawberries and whip cream.

The top is whip cream mixed with black icing. I don’t like the taste of the icing, too sweet, so if you mixed a little bit you get the color you are looking for and a good taste. The space shuttle is made out of a round cake (in Spanish is called arrollado or pionono) filled with Dulce de Leche. It’s cover with fondant and colored with food markers from Wilton.

It was many steps and a lots fun to do it…

10 thoughts on “Awesome Homemade Space Shuttle Cake”

  1. This cake is great for boys! It is beautiful and fun to make, plus kids love the flavor too!
    If you have a curious young boy …Try at home! He will love it!!!
    Nora (mom to two curious little boys)

  2. Wow! That cake looks really great, and stuffed with dulce de leche it can’t be anything but delicious. Using cake roll for the body of the space shuttle is a great idea and the fondant painted with markers looks extraordinary. Congratulations on such a great looking and delicious cake! And also happy birthday to the lucky boy too!

  3. Thanks everyone! The inspiration came from making the party at the Planetarium. I got great help of my husband who gave me the idea of making the shuttle with the round cake and helped me with the engineering aspect of the cake. This is my 4th special cake, I’ve done a 3 floors wedding cake, a fire engine (which was the hardest) and a soccer field. We’ll see next year what it comes, depends on the theme of the party.

  4. How did you make the wings? What a fabulous cake–it will surely inspire your son to become an astronaut (or maybe a cake designer!)

  5. An original and brilliant idea for boys !!! I see that it´s a cake done with love !!! Congratulations and happy birthday!!!


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