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Coolest Space Shuttle Birthday Cake Design

This Space Shuttle Birthday Cake Design was made for my son’s 13th birthday. I made this cake out of 4, 13 X 9 cakes. The bottom that looks like “space” is 2 of the 4 cakes. I put them together, leveled and ‘dirty iced’ them. Then I put a top layer of black on for the space effect. I did not make sure it was smooth for that effect as well. I piped red and blue planets on the top with Tip #10. I piped the white stars and red wording with Tip #4.

Next the Space Shuttle came alive! I went to Lowes and purchased a thin, light piece of wood so I could use a Jigsaw and cut out the platform that I wanted to rest the cake on. I also cut the top fin out. The length I cut for the Shuttle was 12 1/4″ for the shuttle part then make it the length of 13 3/4″ total for the rockets. From wing tip to tip is 10 1/2″. I used two 13X9 cakes for the shuttle. Make sure to cover the wood in saran wrap so you don’t get splinters in your cake. I leveled each cake, put a thin layer of icing between the two layers and then began to shape the shuttle with a knife. The entire shuttle is two layers except for the wings and rocket, those are just one layer.

After shaping the shuttle I ‘dirty iced’ the shuttle. I smoothed out the ‘dirty ice’ with a Viva paper towel (that is the smoothest paper towel out there and works really well!) Then I used white fondant for the shuttle body. Getting all the corners and creases around the wings and rockets is a little tricky so just work slow and allow for some slack. The windows, sides of the wings, nose and circles for the rockets are made out of black fondant. I just hand carved those. The black writing, lines on the shuttle and American Flag are piped with icing using Tip #4. The top fin is just covered in White fondant and I just stuck it in the top of the cake. It held well since the fondant on the shuttle is firm, that was it’s support.

To set the shuttle on the cake I put some thick support straws in the black cake where the Space Shuttle would sit so it could hold the weight of the Shuttle.

I picked up some Sparkler Candles to put in the Rocket circles for the ‘take off’ effect. It looked awesome!

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