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Coolest Space Shuttle Birthday Cake

This Space Shuttle Birthday Cake was for my son’s 4th Birthday. He was having a space party. The shuttle came out a bit fatter looking than I planned but I was happy with the end result and most importantly my son loved it. I got some inspiration from some of the other great shuttle cakes on this web site and based the outline on a coloring book picture I found on the NASA web site.

The flames and fin I did out of solid fondant icing a week before the rest of the cake (to make it more rigid) and embedded tooth picks in them that I used to attach them later. The wings were also made a week early as a single piece of fondant.

The external booster rockets and orange fuel tank were cut from a single slab sponge cake. The booster rockets were covered in fondant and the fuel tank in orange butter cream. Getting this right with the border between the butter cream and the fondant was the hardest bit. I later thought it would have been easier to cut the cake into the three pieces, ice them separately then sit them together again.

Once the booster rockets and tank where iced I put the wings and then a loaf shaped cake cut to shuttle shape (I cut out a bit on the bottom to fit the height of the wing) on top and iced the shuttle with fondant.

The exhaust cones on the boosters were small ice cream cones cut to the right size and covered in fondant. The exhaust cones on the shuttles were made from ice cream cones cut to size and dipped in dark chocolate. The black outlining was done with a tube of black writing icing and the spaceman is a candle.

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