Coolest Sponge Bob Cake

I haven’t made a character cake since my daughter was young, she’s now 32 so now that I have two grandsons I guess I’m back at it. There really isn’t anything special that I did with this Sponge Bob cake. Everything that I used was readily available.

I used 2 boxed cake mixes in a standard 1/2 sheet cake pan, I trimmed around the top edges to make some indents for the sponge part. I also dipped out little divets using a small round measuring spoon for the holes in the sponge. For the smooth sections I used a small paint brush dipped in water to smooth out the frosting. The top of the legs are Ding Dongs stood on their side and the bottom cut flat.

The legs and the feet are Ho Ho’s. The center of the eyes are just brown M&M’s. It does make things go a little better if you give the cake a thin layer of frosting before you begin the decorating. That way you can draw out the design with a tooth pick first.

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