Coolest Spongebob Cake

I made this Spongebob Cake for the son of a friend – it was a surprise birthday cake. I started with a 13×9 yellow cake (mix). I leveled it, then cut off about 2 inches from the bottom. I cut that into 4 equal pieces, for the shirt sleeves and pant legs. Then I spread a thin layer of icing on top and drew out the details with a toothpick.

I then got to work. I used dark chocolate frosting for the outlines with a #5 tip, a #22 star tip for the yellow, and # 18 & # 16 tips for the rest. I mixed 2 shades of yellow, for contrast, white for the shirt and eyes, red for the tongue and tie, and I used milk chocolate frosting for the pants. I added brown gel color to some left-over yellow icing to do the back of the mouth.

I used Pirouttes – round cream-filled wafers for the arms and legs, then cut up Little Debbie cakes to shape the hands and feet. Then just piped icing on them in yellow and dark chocolate, respectively.

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