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Coolest St Patrick’s Day Birthday Hat Cake

This St Patrick’s Day Birthday Hat Cake is the first cake I covered with fondant. I was just practicing. The cake is vanilla flavored with a crumb coat cover and filling of traditional buttercream icing. The bottom is a 9″ round and the top is a 6″ round. The deocorations are also made of fondant. This cake is an example of killing two birds with one stone- St. Pats and birthday. I initially didn’t start off making a hat, but the more fondant I added the more it looked like one.

My son actually gave me the idea. Working with fondant was easier then I anticipated. I have since become somewhat “neater” and more creative with the use of fondant with time and practice. I have also learned that fondant is an acquired taste and that there are different flavors available- marshmallow, chocolate, etc.

Hope you enjoy the picture. Please leave a comment- I welcome any suggestions/comments/advice- both good and not so good.

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