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Coolest Star Prince Birthday Cake

This is a Star Prince Birthday Cake I made for a friend of mines baby’s 1st birthday. It was copied from a paper plate he gave me as the theme of the party. The cake itself was marble. I made it by mixing chocolate and vanilla cake mix together and pulling a knife though it to make a marbled effect.

The filling is vanilla pudding. I then covered the cake circle with fondant. Then I frosted it with white buttercream frosting, then decorated it with cutouts made from fondant and gumpaste mixed together. This makes them dry faster.

I drew the crown template and then cut it out in advance as well as the circles, ribbons and the stars. The pinwheels are just something I thought would make a one year old happy so I added them. My friends were so very happy and so grateful. I think it turned out very nice for a little one’s first birthday celebration. Happy 1st birthday to Rylee.

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