Coolest Star Wars Birthday Cake

My son is a huge Star Wars fan, but we couldn’t find any store bought ones that were “cool enough” for him. This Star Wars Birthday Cake was my first ever attempt at fondant, and my son loved it.

I made marshmallow fondant a couple of days before I needed to use it and tinted it with blue paste (definitely the way to go with fondant, it was soft, and the kids were peeling it off to eat it!). I just used a thin layer of buttercream to stick it to the cake.

After it was on the cake, I brushed it with blue pearl dust. The logo was cut out freehand and edged in edible silver, as was the Vader mask (I added black paste coloring to the left over blue fondant.)

The stars were done with cookie cutters, and I finally found a use for those Lego figures rather than underfoot! I also had his name spelled out on the front side of the cake in black fondant brushed with the silver paint. The holes in the fondant were for the candles (in case the fondant got too hard).

It was definitely the hit of the party!

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